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Get Your Own Backyard Putting Green In San Diego

Backyard Putting Green San DiegoArtificial Grass can make your dreams of having a golf green in your own backyard come true. A high quality artificial grass can be installed to produce an identical putting surface that will rival anything you could find in the best country clubs. Those who are serious about their backyard putting games know they need a superior putting surface for practice and will benefit from having their own personal green to hone their skills on whenever they want. Those who are just getting started in golf will appreciate the benefits of having their own putting green where they can work on their short game through repetition.

Reduces Risk Of Injury

With a backyard putting green, you won’t have to waste time searching for your lost golf balls after each stroke. A high quality artificial grass designed specifically for putting greens is installed with twist pile fibers that are expertly cut, so it’s easy to see if a ball lands on the green or not. Once your ball comes to rest, you’ll be able to find it immediately without ever leaving your swing position – even if there are several feet of closely-mown turf around it. This also reduces the risk of injury since there aren’t any ragged edged rocks, sticks or other hazards to step on.

It Can Be Customized

An artificial putting green in your yard can be customized with your very own custom logo to add a unique touch that will impress all of your friends and family. If you’re planning a major event such as a charity golf tournament, professional golfers might even stop by for an exhibition or practice round if they notice one of their favorite athletes’ names at the start hole! This is great way to advertise and gain attention from potential customers and investors who could help make all your backyard dreams come true.


When you have the best artificial turf for your backyard putting green, it will look inviting all year long. You’ll never have to worry about spending countless hours grooming or cutting the grass so the surface is perfect for play. There are no soil compaction issues since there isn’t any root system that can be affected by poor weather conditions. There’s no need to water either which means you’re not wasting money on expensive irrigation systems. Another major benefit of having a backyard putting green is that you won’t ever have to wait for each course to dry before using it because they aren’t exposed to rain, snow and other forms of precipitation.

An Excellent Playing Surface

A backyard putting green provides an excellent playing surface with amazing visual appeal while also being low maintenance and a great investment. If you’re looking to practice your short game for an upcoming event, or just want to improve your putting skills for fun, it’s never been easier to do that with the help of artificial turf.


Installing a backyard putting green makes good sense for those who truly love the game and want to spend as much time as possible practicing their skills. For more information contact Artificial Turf Grass at (619) 389-3433.