▷Artificial Turf Lawns Budget Ideas San Diego CA

Budget Lawns Ideas: Artificial Turf And More In San Diego CA

Artificial Turf Lawns Budget Ideas San Diego

Replacing your lawn with artificial turf is a project that reaps big rewards. Besides the savings, for many people with pets and children, an artificial lawn is a requirement. But this project goes well beyond fake grass. Here are some ideas for making your outdoor space beautiful without spending a lot of money.

A Whole New Look For Less

When you’re looking at ways to cut back on fun, the first place you need to look is at your lawn. Forget about what your neighbors spend on their landscaping, and focus on how much you can afford to spend.

The most important thing is to put function over form. If your kids are tearing up the grass, skip this weekend’s trip to the garden center and buy some sod. If you have a pet who likes to dig, consider artificial turf. Artificial grass is a perfect solution for pets and children because it’s soft underfoot and it doesn’t need water or fertilizer like natural grass.

The first step to updating your outdoor space on the cheap is to stop watering, fertilizing, mowing (if possible) and weeding. After all, you’d be spending about the same amount of time and money on lawn care whether or not your front yard is beautiful.

A Rock Garden

Installing a rock garden is a great way to add a striking new look to your yard without spending a lot of money. Making a rock garden is simple, especially if you live in an area where there’s good drainage. Choose rocks that are flat on one side so they can double as seating.

Adjusting Your Borders

Once you’ve taken the drastic step of killing your lawn to create a rock garden, you’ll need to fill the space between the rocks with something else. Remember, this is supposed to be an easy project that saves money and looks good at the same time. Fill the area between your rocks with dirt or mulch . If you have clay soil, or if it’s hilly, try pine needles.

Carefree Blooms

If you’re looking for easy-care plants that don’t require a lot of water or fertilizer, consider these:

Milkweed ( Asclepias spp.): These perennials are one of the few plants that can withstand dog urine, making them ideal for yards with family pets. Milkweed leaves support monarch butterfly larvae, which means you’ll enjoy beautiful orange and black butterflies flitting through your yard for weeks at a time.

Instead of a single-toned grassy lawn, consider planting clumps of ornamental grasses . These plants are striking. They have slender blades that sway in the breeze, graceful seedheads and many different colors. There’s often a trade-off between height and color when you’re choosing ornamental grasses, but they all look good paired together.

Add Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are great for adding height and color to a small yard, but they can be expensive. Don’t worry: you don’t have to spend a fortune on vines. Instead, plant sweet potato slips , which quickly grow into dense groundcovers the spread out along the ground just like lily of the valley or pachysandra.


Replacing your lawn with artificial turf is an expensive project, but there are plenty of ways to make beautiful, low-maintenance yards without spending a lot of money. Contact our specialist from Artificial Turf San Diego CA at (619) 389-3433 for more information.